Saturday, December 12, 2009

Danielle 1st year party!

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, December 12, 2009
What's so special about my room?

If you notice hard enough, you will find something at the corner of the table in the room...

Yep, that is Danielle's cake

Went to collect the cake from Mezza9, Hyatt Hotel at noon. My aunt who has been working in Hyatt, ordered and bought it for Danielle. Its a butter coffee cake covered in marzipan. I was told by the sales woman that I cannot put this in the fridge as the marzipan will melt. Instead, I need to just keep it shaded and cool. So here's Danielle's precious cake sitting on the table in my air-con room! Yep, we actually switched on the air-con just for her cake!

In the afternoon, we started blowing up the balloons using our trusted "Rainbow" vacuum cleaner. So it was quite fast doing that. Caleb had fun with the balloons, kicking and throwing them around.

Then CT went down to decorate the multi-purpose hall.

And now that Caleb is two and a half years old, he also wants to help. So he helped to arrange the chairs.

There's the birthday girl coming down to "supervise" our decorations and arrangement of the place for her party. Oh by the way, my colleagues who went Malacca together all bought every piece of clothing Danielle was wearing for her party. One of them bought the dress, one bought the socks, one bought the shoes...(Danielle is so blessed)

We also prepared freshly cut fruits for the dinner, alongside with 11 dishes which includes Thai Seafood Vermicelli Salad, Thai Olive Fried Rice with Cashew Nut, Sutee Jap Style Seafood Noodle, Nonya Curry Chicken, HK Style Dory Fish Fillet with Supreme Sauce & Chinese Condiments Garnish, Fusion Prawn ball with Wasabi Mayonaise, Hainanese Chap Chye, Thai Style NZ Mussel with Spicy Tangy Sauce, Jap Style Yakitori Skewer, Chinese Dough Fritter Stuffing with Sotong Paste and Chilled Longan & Aloe Vera Dessert.

There's Danielle mingling with my mother-in-law

Chey Chey Danielle (my mum's god-daughter)

My colleagues...

There's the birthday gal sitting all by herself waiting for us to light up the candle!

It took us a long while to light up the candle as it was quite tricky. The sparks were supposed to shoot out but it didnt. We almost wanted to use the normal candles instead but I insisted as its a special candle which the kids would love!

So we kept persisting and finally!!

I was not sure if Caleb thought it was his birthday or not! But it sure seems like he was the birthday boy!

After the cake cutting, the kids went to the park to play with sparklers. Caleb insisted to hold the sparklers and in the end, he burnt his little finger slightly...Well, he needs to go through such accidents to learn his lesson!

The kids had lots of fun as they kept asking me for more sparklers!

After most guests went home, Caleb and cousin Janine went up to the house to play. Janine wet herself. So she changed into Caleb's clothes..How interesting.

As for Danielle, she fell asleep shortly once the guests left. She behaved very well tonight and did not cry at all. So proud of her!

Happy birthday Danielle! Papa, Mama and korkor Caleb loves you very much! MUACK!


eileen liu said...

i love the pink cake, the picture on the top looks very 3D. how much does the cake cost?

Dawn on Tuesday, December 29, 2009 said...

Its mainly a 2D cake with the flowers and the "number 1", 3D...It costs $55/kg since this cake is specially designed as requested. My aunt sent the chef the pictures and designs. But I really swear by Mezza9 cakes. They are so good!

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