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Malacca Trip (7-8 Dec 2009)

Posted by Dawn at Tuesday, December 08, 2009
Have been quite excited going on this trip as it would be my first time joining my colleagues on a holiday. They usually go on a trip together everytime there is a school holiday (in June and December) but I havent joined them before because of my kids. So finally I decided to go with them since its only one night.

Matthew, together with Julie and Wana came to pick me up about 820am in the morning. Then we met up with the rest at Jalan Kayu for breakfast. After that, we made our way to Malacca.

It has been a couple of years since I last went to Malacca. It has changed quite a bit. They have the revolving tower and the flyer, which they call "Eye on Malaysia".

We stayed in the Holiday Inn, a new hotel in Malacca. Very nice, modern and clean. Its just next to Mahkota Hotel.

Went to have lunch at Restoran Peranakan after checking in. The restaurant is like a museum with so many interesting furniture and deco. Loved it! I felt like I was brought back into time.

This is the dining area.

We ordered almost everything in the menu as there were 8 starving people!

We had beef rendang, prawns, sotong, chup chye (mixed vegetables), assam fish, lady fingers, kang kong, fried chicken with blachan, ayam pongteh, lots of rice and chin chow drink for all.

Everything amounted to only S$10 per person!! Cant believe it! So cheap for Peranakan food!!

After a satisfying lunch, we still went to Jonker Walk for Chendol!

2 of my colleagues ordered 2 bowls each and added extra Gula Melaka! They are nuts!!

The chendol was yummy but one bowl was defintely enough..

After eating so much, it was time to exercise it off by SHOPPING! Went to this new mall just next to Hotel Equatorial.

After walking and shopping for some time, we still ate some more!! We had root beer float with curly fries at A & W! We all missed eating that!!

After shopping, we just sat along the pavement waiting for someone to pick us up! Some of my colleagues went for massage while others went shopping on their own. So 4 of us were stranded by the roadside.

Had Satay Celup for dinner. Wanted to try since its something unusual. Well, its unusual alright as they didnt even change the satay sauce left by the previous customer and probably the previous previous... customers too!

We had to go to the fridge to get what we want, buffet style..and then just dip the sticks into boiling satay sauce. All of us were so scared that they asked me to say grace and ask God to bless our food! haha.

The face says it all..

Its really a novelty and I would just recommend you to try in once for the fun of it.

After dinner, we went to Carrefour to buy some tidbits and drinks before heading back to hotel to play "Taboo".

We had a really good time playing. There was so much fun and laughter! I learned something from this game. It doesnt mean that if you are good in English, you will be good at this game because my colleagues who teaches English all tried to describe the word but none of us could get the word because its just too "cheem" (difficult) for us and we would never have thought of such a word. To be good at this game really requires you to be simple and straightforward. Give clues that you know the audience can understand. This game teaches me about how I teach in school too- that I need to always tune my lessons and teaching to my audience so that they can understand easily.

We played through the night till 2 am. I room mate with Sarah and it was fun because we had a bigger room than the others. We had a queensize bed and one single bed. So both of us squeezed into the Queen Size bed. We prayed before we tugged in for the night. The next morning, we woke up at 645am, got changed for our morning swim. Both Sarah and I were morning people. So waking up early wasnt difficult. In fact, it was refreshing.

We could see the sunrise as we swam. The view was spectacular as it overlooked the waters and the open sky.

I think its a "bad" habit for me when I swim with people that I tend to tell them how to improve their strokes. Afterall, I really want them to swim faster and be better at it!

We swam for an hour almost continuously and enjoying the view as well!

After the swim, we bathed and did bible study together in the room before heading down for breakfast.

This was what I had for breakfast.

I think I have really been able to control what I eat as I used to try a bit of everything and eat a lot of such breakfast. But now, I just pick what I want to eat and exclude those I do not want to eat.

Sarah had this!

The service in Holiday Inn was very impressive. The waitresses were very nice and helpful.

They even served us sausages when we asked them if there were any. Best was that they did it with a smile.

After breakfast, we went back to our room as we waited for the rest of our colleagues to have their breakfast as they woke up much later. Here's pictures of the view from my 18th floor!

Then we took more pictures of our room.

After that, we checked out before heading out for more shopping and food!

Went to the arcade centre to play as well. The gals went into the Karaoke Box where they have to pay $0.50 Ringgit per song and the interesting thing was that the song played half way and stopped! haha..cheat money!

We also played Daytona together and challenged one another.

as well as Virtua Cop. I love any games with guns. Yep, my childhood ambition was to be a cop.

Then I had one token left. So decided to play a game which all of us could play- spot the difference! I love this game as all our fingers were pointing at the screen all at once.

After all that fun, we went to have Chicken Rice Ball for lunch.

While waiting, we just took pictures since it was our last day!

All of us didnt really enjoy the lunch as its another novelty. Eating once was enough. But because Wana have not tried before, we decided to let her try it. But as we were eating mouth after mouth of chicken and rice ball, we kept asking, "what are exactly eating?" It was terrible as the chicken wasn't as tasty and tender as Singapore's Chicken.

As we were walking along the streets of Malacca after lunch, there were a family selling mua chee and those ding dang candy.

I also bought freshly made pineapple tarts where there was an uncle in scooter selling homemade pau. How interesting.

We left Malacca close to 7pm and by the time we reached Singapore, it was already 10 plus pm. I sat Stanley's car, together with Sarah and Soo Lin on the way back as we wanted to eat dinner/supper before heading home while the rest were tired and just wanted to go home straight. So we went Upper Serangoon Road for dinner.

Had a great time overall. But I also missed CT and my kids too!


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