Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Service

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, December 20, 2009
Today, our church organised a special Christmas Service for us to bring our family and friends.

Danielle was dressed in her new outfit bought by my colleague, Juliana. She specifically chose the short cardigan and cute dress with lots of yummy dessert printed on it.

Here's both children all dressed up, ready to go to church for the Christmas service.

Caleb tried to put his hand around Danielle but she kept pushing his hand away. Then, he put his hand on her head to touch her lovingly but Danielle once again was still very insistent in preventing her korkor from touching her. Then Caleb gave up and just leaned towards Danielle...

Was glad that my mother-in-law and sister-in-law, together with Keelia, went to church for the service. I remembered in the past before I became a Christian, I used to go church only for the Christmas service, just to soak in the atmosphere and join in the celebration.

Anyway, during this year's service, Kelvin Soh who used to be an ex-drug addict gave his testimony and many went up to give their life to Jesus. My colleague, Sarah also went up to re-dedicate her life once again! I was so happy!! Tears just came down when I went with her to the front and prayed together with the rest of the people. Praise God!

My prayer is that Sarah would continue to grow in the Lord and walk closely with Him. Her journey of faith will not be easy as she would face obstacles at home, but nevertheless, I pray she will receive the assurance that she is not alone.

As for my in-laws, I, too pray that they will one day realise how much Jesus loves them and longs for them to be at His side. That they do not have to go through this life struggling and worrying about their children or money matters etc, but to receive the peace that Jesus has for them that this life can become more purposeful and joyful!

After service, went to visit my other sister-in-law as her son, Keane has been sick.

Pray that he will be healed in Jesus name! Pray that he will grow up to be a happy and healthy baby as he continues to bring joy to his parents every day!

After the visit, we went home to rest for tonight's Christmas party at my parents' place!! Yay!! Cant wait to eat and indulge myself..


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