Saturday, December 05, 2009

Doing things together

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, December 05, 2009
When two persons come together, one is bound to follow the other and be influenced in some way. Just like husband and wife, where both try to learn each other's good habits and influence each other positively. Even as time passes, husband and wife adapt physically (from my observation by looking at other couples) as they look alike.

Caleb and Danielle too copies each other. When Danielle hugs a bolster in the car for her to sleep, Caleb begs for his teddy bear.

When we put on a new shirt for Danielle to try, Caleb would say," I want..I want."

When Caleb is watching is Hi-5 show on the sofa, Danielle would climb up the sofa on her own and sit to watch as well!

When Caleb plays his drums, Danielle would also play happily with him!

and many many more...Sometimes, I feel I gave birth to twins.


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