Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pre-Christmas Party

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, December 19, 2009
Tonight, we had dinner at my mum-in-law's place and after that, we went down the block to attend the Christmas Party organised for the residents. There were Christmas Carols sung by the nearby Moriah Bible-Presbyterian Church. Caleb was quite attentive and swaying to the songs at the same time. He also tried to follow by singing too. Yes, Caleb is at the age now where he learns songs. He has learnt a couple of songs like "Jesus loves me this I know..", "Twinkle, twinkle little star.." etc.

Even the East Coast GRC MP, Jessica Tan was there and she was really nice as to come up and shake hands with us. Even Caleb and Danielle got her attention. I was telling CT that we have not even shook hands with our area MP events like these held in our place are always very crowded and there would always be tons of people following our MP. Not that I am very enthusiastic about shaking hands with popular figures, but it was just the warm heartedness and humility displayed by Jessica that impressed me.

Days later, my hubby told me that Jessica Tan is actually a director of Microsoft company! Wow! I did a google search on her and her CV happened to be online! An impressive portfolio as she has been working her way up from a marketing rep in IBM to accounts manager to project manager to general manager in IBM to director of IBM and now, a managing director of Microsoft!

Its amazing how few days ago when I saw her, I would never have imagined her to hold such a high position from the way she dresses (down to earth and simple), to the way she talked and addressed us (as she was joking and spoke simple, straightforward speeches pertaining to family and Christmas) and from how she readily obliged us by singing us a Christmas carol, last minute!

I am highly impressed and this is another reminder that no matter what kind of position you hold in the workplace, your values and beliefs should always be there and you should always remain humble. Do not be sucked by the belief system of this worlds that warped our minds and brainwash us into thinking that money and knowledge is power, or how we have to lie, backstab and cheat our way through to success.

What beliefs do we have? What values do we hold? Will it still stand amidst all the pressures, challenges and trials we face around us or will it be shaken?


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