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Another day at the Brenner's place

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, January 08, 2006
This morning, went church in the morning. Have not been to church for a while already as we have been it was good to be back for 2 more weeks before we head back Singapore. When we first entered the church, SL Hudson (lady from church) grabbed us and asked us if we could carry the flags in during service at 9am. She looked desperate, so we each grabbed a flag and lined up with the rest of them for the cue to go in and walk in front of the people during service.

CT and I both did not know what was happening and what we needed to do...but we just followed. It seems that it was Missions Week and there is a group of people carrying all the different countries' flag to be brought up to the stage area when the song is sung by the choir. I spotted the Singapore flag amidst the whole lot of flags..quite cool to see own country's flag.

After that, we went for our bible study lesson. As usual, we go for our church service after that. CT went toilet and I quickly went into the sanctuary as I did not want to be arrowed carrying the flags again. Haha.. Then, CT did not join me for a while and I thought he might be waiting for me outside the toilet. So, I went out of the sanctuary to look for him and I saw him lining up, carrying the flag!! haha..He kena arrowed again.

So, I quickly ran in to my seat and took a picture of him. Very blur picture as it was quite dark...

CT is actually the one walking in and carrying a "Madagascar" country flag. Anyway, after the interesting service, we went out lunch with the bible study group. Went to "O Charlie's" for lunch and Danny paid for both me and CT. So sweet. About 20 people went as they knew there would not be much time they could spent with us left. We ordered buffalo wings and a mushroom swiss burger. Restaurant burgers are much bigger than those in fast food restaurants.

After lunch, I called Sarah as she told me to as we would like to revisit her place again since CT has not seen the house during daytime yet. The last time we were there, it was dark already. Sarah just came back from church and we arranged to be there at 3pm.

So, we went and it was a great time just meeting up again and talk...

Robert came out to greet us and brought us around as CT has not been toured yet. Robert was showing the projects he would be working on in his house as Americans are usually very hands on and they go most of their own building the fence, outdoor lighting in their gardens etc..

They have such a huge land that there is just so much to do...

Their friends were at their house when we reached and they were all taking the horses for a ride..

CT was busy entertaining the dogs.. There was this dog especially who loves to fetch things for you. He would bring you his toy, placed it in front of you and waiting for you to throw. Then he would fetch it back for you and wait for you to throw again. So, CT was kept busy throwing for him and the dog never gets tired!! Never...

CT gave up after a while and we left the dog to bark as he was calling for attention for us to throw his toy.

Their grandson, Ian was riding the horse as he wanted cute as he looks so tiny as compared to the horse.

Robert was playing with Ian after that and they looked so sweet together-grandfather and grandson playing.

After that, we walked to Step and Nathan's house for CT to take a look. I was surprised as 2 days ago when we came, the house was not fitted with windows and the rooms did not have much walls..but it was already so different when we went today to see. There were windows fitted and walls were up. I was amazed at how fast the Americans worked. They started this house in 2nd half of last year and would be ready in Feb. Only about less than 8 months, they can build a new house from scratch already.

This is the lake in between the 2 houses in their plot of land..

You can see Robert and Sarah's house in the background if you stare hard. We were standing on Step and Nathan's house side.. If I stay here, I would use the boat to row over the otherside even if I could walk over...cos it is more fun rowing the boat in the lake to get over the other side...or grab a horse and ride over. Haha..

CT rode the horse for only about 15 mins. It was his second time riding and he is quite scared. But after a while, he seemed much better. Here is him riding by his own and taking the horse to places around the house...

I did not get up the horse again as I was too lazy. I just wanted CT to try riding again and I accomplished I was satisfied already. Ian was playing with the logs set up for thr horses to jump over.. By the way, Ian is a good model as he loves to look at cameras and smile..He would do whatever you ask him to do. His parents actually did a whole year's calander on him with bible verses for each month. Very cool..

After that, Sarah took us around their lake through this 'jungle' full of trees and fallen branches due to hurricane. It was quite messy and their was even a small bridge in the 'jungle'.

When I took a peek at the lake through all the branches, I saw a nice reflection of the sky on the waters...

After that, I grabbed a stick to throw in the lake to see whether their 'fetcher' dog would fetch it or not by swimming..and not to my surprise, he did swim just to get the so cute.

We then went to the living room in their house to just sit down, drink and chit chat. They asked me how my family became Christians since we were not a Christian family to start with. Then, CT repeated his story again to their friends as requested by Robert because he thinks it is amazing.

We then got a picture together...

I brought some ready made local delights for them to cook and remember the food back in Singapore. Gave them "Bak Ku Teh" and " Hainanese Chicken Rice". They were so happy.. :)

We left at about 6 plus pm..and Sarah kept saying, "You don't have to go.." How sweet... But we had to leave as I needed to go back to cook dinner. Robert passed me some music CDs for me since he works in Integrity- a huge Christian music company. Some of the CDs are not even out in I love music and I was so happy to have them.


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That's really nice... Sweeeeeet!! :o)

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