Thursday, January 19, 2006

Last day in Mobile

Posted by Dawn at Thursday, January 19, 2006
Today is my last day here in Mobile, Alabama. Time passes so quickly... Weather today is very nice..Sunny with air con temperature. Was doing my packing and cleaning up of the house. Getting ready also for tonight's "Open House".

CT's colleagues would be coming to our place to get our leftovers. We have some stuff like salt, pepper, rice, dark soya sauce etc left and those who need these stuff would come and get it- first come, first served.

Sarah Brenner called me this afternoon as she just came back from Birmingham, Alabama yesterday from a few days seminar. She wanted to meet up with me this afternoon and bring me to her house again. I declined as I needed to clean up the house and do more packing before CT comes home today early as we would go UPS again to ship more stuff. I was afraid it would be overweight, so better ship as much as I can.Sarah mentioned she might come down later to either help me with the cleaning of the house or see me at the airport tomorrow morning. Told you she is real sweet!

Will be eating fried chicken tonight. I requested as I would def miss Southern Fried Chicken when I go back Singapore. The Chicken here is so crispy and fried on the outside and juicy, tender on the inside. Yum!

Salynn & Anthony actually asked us whether we want to go over to their place for dinner since I have no more food. So thoughtful.But I told them I better eat what I will miss before I go back.

Leaving tomorrow at 8am from Mobile. So probably reach the airport at about 630am-7am. Flying from Mobile to Atlanta. Then from Atlanta to LA. Transit in LA would be quite long, about 6-7 hours. So prob having dinner and Teck Meng said we could play Monopoly as he bought it recently. Ha.. I didnt want to go out of the airport cos it would prob be very cold. So, I'd rather stay indoor and relax.

Then, fly 15 hrs straight from LA to Singapore. Reaching Singapore on Saturday 6 am. Many of my American friends asked me if I would come back. I said the next time I come, it would be with my father. My dad mentioned that he would like to come back to visit... CT said that most people after such unfortunate things happen in the country or place would not like to go back to be reminded..but all these will not be true once we have the peace,joy and love from God...

So, I would def love to come back with my dad and whole family once he is able to travel...

ok, so will be out of contact for 2 over days...or even more since I do not have internet at home. Need to apply once I have a good deal from starhub. :)


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