Sunday, January 15, 2006

Caught another movie

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, January 15, 2006
This morning would be our last morning in church and yes, it was quite sad leaving the church after service. During my farewell lunch with Jan, Reeda and Salynn, Jan mentioned that she misses mee siam the most in Singapore and last night, Salynn passed mee siam "Prima Taste" box to me to pass to Jan. How sweet...

So, I passed to Jan before we left church and she was very excited. We bid our goodbyes and went off after service. Sobsob...

We went Walmart for a bit of grocery shopping and then went home and I heated up last Friday night's leftovers to eat for lunch. We were watching show at the same time and after lunch, we went "Bel Air Mall" to do last minute shopping. Shopped for about 2 hours and after that when walking to the car, I told CT I very sad cos everything seems to be my last time...

After shopping, we went straight to "Carmike Cinema" and caught "King Kong". These were the 2 shows we wanted to catch- Narnia and King Kong. I must say I was quite impresed with King Kong. I have seen the old black and white King Kong movie and it has really evolved...

The whole time, I was at the edge of my seat as it was so exciting, scary and amazed at the effects. Of course it is good since it is a film by Peter Jackson-same person who did Lord of the Rings. Another thing that amazed me was that "Singapore" was mentioned about 4 times in the movie!! Cool, right? Speaking about publicity...haha

And even though I knew the ending, it was still sad as there were expressions of love between King Kong and the woman. So sweet...

It was a full 3 hours show and boy, my butt hurts during the movie cos sat too long. So, I kept shifting about to ease the pain. Haha.

After the movie, we went to Colin's house (CT colleague) for dinner as they invited us. We were supposed to be there at 630pm but since the movie lasted so long, we only reached at about 745pm. Most of the colleagues left already...but Anthony and Salynn were there as they just arrived as well. They went New Orleans the whole day and just came back. They told us that the place was still quite messy and most shops still not open eversince the hurricane.

Colin's wife prepared noodles soup and I added extra chilli. It was so spicy that I kept blowing my nose. Quite shiok!

Colin's wife is from Myanmar and has stayed in Thailand for some time. So, her food is really spicy and tasty. I loved it. She even made her own beef and pork balls from scratch.

After dinner, Colin's son came up to me and offered to me M & Ms. Then, his daughter offered Anthony as well. Then, Anthony said, "How come the M & Ms got mint taste one ah?" Then I said, "No..only chocolate what.where got mint taste?" Then, Colin's wife mentioned that she has medicated oil on her...haha.. We all burst out laughing. Poor Anthony..kena poisoned.

By the time we reached home, it was close to 10pm already. Few more days and I would be going back Singapore. Mixed feelings...cos in US, it is so spacious and we have our own car. Moreover, carpark is free. So,we will def miss life back here but yup, have to face reality and I would be glad to go back singapore to settle down.


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