Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Shopping day

Posted by Dawn at Tuesday, January 17, 2006
Today, CT left his car for me to drive as I had to go Walmart and spend a US$80 Walmart gift card. CT's company gives away the gift card every 2-3 months..Pam got for us earlier since we would be leaving soon...CT actually went up to ask her for it so that we can use it.

It was raining terribly but I still went ahead as I needed time to pack my shopping stuff in my luggage or boxes. I bought so many stuff that I estimated wrongly. I got a shock when I saw the price on the cashier machine...it was US$144 total! I only brought about US$40 along in my wallet..so it was not enough even after using the gift card. I cannot believe my estimation was so bad. So, I sadly removed some stuff and paid the balance.

After that, I went home and heated up my lunch to eat. It was about 2 pm already. I spent a long time shopping at Walmart...about 3-4 hours. Yup..it is that big and lots of things to see. CT would probably die or boredom if he went with me..so I prefer to shop alone!

After that, I drove to Baby 'R' Us to redeem a free CD from a coupon which I have. It is a huge superstore selling baby stuff. That is what I like about America- very baby and family oriented.

After collecting the free CD, I drove to "Blockbuster" to rent a movie DVD because I have a US$5 gift card from it. I rented "Napolean Dynamite" show because it is a comedy and won awards during the MTV movie award ceremony.

When CT came home, we watched the new "American Idol" season during dinner and after that, we watched the DVD that I rented. It was so boring..sigh. What a letdown.

Anyway, I truly enjoyed today going by myself shopping and driving around.


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