Friday, January 13, 2006

CNY cum farewell dinner

Posted by Dawn at Friday, January 13, 2006
Today, I had dinner party at my place. I meant it for an early Chinese New Year celebration as well as farewell gathering for those leaving soon back to Singapore which includes me and mu husband. CT told me, "how come we leaving, we organise our own farewell party?" I said, "Aiyah..nevermind doesnt matter."

So, I was preparing food the whole day from 6 plus am onwards...I was making my own tang yuan with lotus paste, cooked corn egg soup and marinated the chicken wings to grill later. Salynn came about 1pm to help shred the veggies for "Lo Hei". She was a great help. She would be making vinegar pork ribs for tonight as well.

CT's colleagues came about 645pm and I laid the food in the kitchen table-buffet style and placed te Lo Hei in the middle of the dining table for everyone to toss. I added jellyfish and salmon in it.. Everyone was quite impressed that I actually took the trouble to do it and to come up with such a dish. I brought the Lo Hei crackers from Singapore over as I already planned to invite CT's colleagues over for dinner.

We did not invite CT's muslim colleagues because of the food and we scared they would mind eating non pork dish even cos I cooked pork with all my pots before. There were about 16 people in the party and boy, I cooked too much! I guess more is better than less... :)

So, we had grilled chicken wings, vinegar pork ribs, braised mushrooms with pork, dried scallops and "hair", vegetarian mixed veggies with mushrooms, corn egg soup and rice. They all missed eating such food and I was glad to be able to cook for them...

Then after dinner, I started cooking my tang yuan...Here is how it looks

I made peanut soup with quaker oats in it. Tastes like the real stuff. The only problem was that I wished I was eating peanut tang yuan cos that is my favourite. But anyway, when I go back Singapore, frozen tang yuan is readily available in supermarkets. So, I can use that and just make my own soup. Cool!

Oh, I made longan, red date drink and stored it few days before in the fridge to keep it cold. Wanted to create the homely, local feeling...

After dinner, a few of us played "Cranium" boardgame...quite fun but it is suited more to Americans because of the questions they ask.

By the time we finished our game, it was 1030pm plus. After cleaning up,CT and I packed our boxes as we would be shipping some back by UPS tomorrow. So, by the time we slept, it was midnight already. Super exhausted but happy that the party went so well.


Hebrew_Star on Wednesday, January 18, 2006 said...

Frozen tang yuan got no peanut ones... :o( only have Red Bean and Sesame Seed... I think... I also like the peanut ones!! ha ha... really VERY VERY "neng gan"!!!

Pei fu!! Can call you Shi Fu lor... ;o)

Dawn Ling on Wednesday, January 18, 2006 said...

there is peanut for frozen...i bought it before..very nice one!! I buy for you next time and then make the soup for you and invite you ok?? hehe..

i learnt how to make from my mum in that is a good way to learn..from the elders!

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