Saturday, January 21, 2006

flight back home

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, January 21, 2006
Flight from Mobile was 8am this morning and first went to Atlanta and then to LA. Was at Tom Bradley International Airport in LA for about 7 over hours. However, time flew past quickly as we were playing Monopoly in the airport food court area. It was so addictive that when it was time for us to go down to the SIA counter to get our boarding tickets, we all took turns to go down so that we could play...

Flight from LA to Singapore was about 18 hours and I enjoyed the food a lot. There was salt baked chicken with rice for dinner and hokkien mee for breakfast. However, I was not entertained well by the movies this time round as the shows were not as nice and popular. I managed to catch few movies during my Delta flight to LA as well as to Singapore by Singapore Airlines. Saw "Just Like Heaven" (show about a guy falling in love with a ghost. Very romantic and funny), " In Her Shoes" (show about the bond of sisters-comedy and touching show), "Tim Burton's Corpse Bride" (animated show. I did not finish watching this show as I am not a big fan of cartoons), " The Myth" (Chinese, Cantonese show starring Jackie Chan about him travelling back in time), "Wedding Crashers" ( a very funny show about 2 guys gate crashing into weddings) etc..

Whenever I went toilet, I would also make a trip to the back of the plane to get food. Grabbed lotus paste bun, apples, cookies, bananas, yoghurt... Ate all these food while watching movies. Dunno why people get hungrier when 'flying'...I think guess cos we have nothing better to do but to eat,sleep and watch shows.

Finally reached Singapore on Saturday, 21st January 2006 at about 630am. Called my mum when I arrived so that she can just go to the pick up point to wait for us, without having to pay for parking and come in. However, Esther was waiting for us outside the gate. She actually came early in the morning to welcome us back. Very touched...

After mum picked us up, we went to my parents' place to see my dad and to have breakfast together, with Esther as well. It was my dad's first time eating at my house coffeeshop as the maid wheelchaired him. I ate vegetarian beehoon. Yum... Glad to be back eating cheap and good food...but still miss USA for the great weather, polite and patient people, free car, cable TV etc.

Sigh...give me some time...


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