Saturday, January 14, 2006

Busy Saturday

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, January 14, 2006
Today, I was out the whole day from 1030am onwards. CT left home at about 9am to close his bank account while I was home doing a bit of packing. At 1030am, we went UPS store with Teck Meng and Kok Fong who will be leaving the same day as us back to Singapore.

We brought along all our boxes and boy,it was expensive! We brought 3 boxes to be shipped back and it costs us US$800 plus..almost US$1000! It was 200 plus per box...depending on the size and weight. But thank God, CT's company pays for it.

After filling up the forms and sending in our boxes, we went for lunch as Teck Meng was starving. So, I suggested Indian food as it was very nearby and the curry is good. Though Teck Meng does not eat spicy, he agreed.Guess because of his hunger. The Indian buffet was good. It costs only US$7 per person with about 8 different dishes...including chicken curry, mutton curry, naan, tandoori chicken, potato dish, spinach dish etc... Even Teck Meng enjoyed it cos it was authentic.

After that, we went to "Carmike Cinema" to catch a movie. We watched "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe". It is so cool! I loved the show. The effects were good and it was exciting. I would def recommend this show to everyone. It costs us only US$4 to watch. So, we wanted to catch as many movies as we can before we go back cos we know Singapore has raised its cinema prices.

After the show, CT and I rushed back home, took Kok Fong's lap top, heated up my leftover chicken wings and rushed to Jay & Natalie's house. We had a farewell gathering organised by our church group. I also gave a small presentation about Singapore to them to let them know roughly what is Singapore and where it is.

We had a great time. Though I was still full from lunch, I could not resist the food. There was mexican food prepared by each family as well as small bite size hot dogs. Very yummy. Not many took my chicken wings. I guess they did not want to get their hands dirty or rather, they do not eat such bony chickens. Haha.

Anyway, here is a picture of our bible study group.

I brought Singapore souvenirs for them and gave them stuff like 3-in-1 Milo packets, chilli sauce etc..So, it was quite an experience for them to get a bit of Singapore culture. Some of them even commented that they would love to go Singapore now that they have seen the presentation...but I would say most Americans are afraid to fly international and just prefer to fly within America since it is so big. Oh well..

As a group,they gave CT and I a scrap book of the group and there were postcards of Mobile. It was very nice as they individual pages of the different couples and their pictures of them and their kids. How sweet. They actually did last night only...

I will definitely miss them!


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