Monday, January 16, 2006

farewell dinner

Posted by Dawn at Monday, January 16, 2006
I have been busy packing the whole day and squeezing stuff into my luggage. Looking around in my apartment, I still feel I have a lot of stuff..sigh. It is like moving many things.

At night when CT came home and bathed, we drove to Pam's house. Pam is CT's colleague who has been a great help and wonderful lady. She helps arrange our accomodation, drive colleagues to take driving tests, buy working shoes and I heard that when the singaporeans leave the apartments, she would come with her husband or son to the apartment to clean up. She is really amazing and has a servant's heart.

We went to her house which is about 25 mins drive away and she stays near the golf course which my parents and I we drove the same route as the day we had the train accident and passed by the golf course and the train tracks...I was def feeling jittery in my heart but calm on the outside-def better than the time when it just happened.

When we arrived, we went in and her house was def much better than we expected. Pam told us that her house is quite messy but to us, it looked so clean and nice. She even has a huge swimming pool at the backyard as well as billard table upstairs.

I realised her sofa and pilows are exactly the same ones that we have in our apartment. So, I think she must have purchased our furniture for us as well..

She gave us gifts and I was very touched. She gave us a huge study bible, a journal, photo gift notes etc..

Then, Pam took me to her office and showed me a book that she is working on. She said she wanted to print out a draft for me to take home but had no time. So, she said that once she has finished, she would email to me. It is a book on Praising God...about how people could put it into action.

After staying for a while,we went to "Outback Steakhouse" for dinner. Her husband did not come with us as he is not feeling well. Pam followed us as she was not sure where it was. Somehow I feel that though we do not stay here, we have visited more places than Americans who lived here. It is the same when tourists from other countries come to Singapore and they would visit places which even we have not been to(even staying in Singapore all our lives)..and our usual and most common excuse is- we have no time. I think it is just a mentality that we have no time but in actual fact,we do not make time for it and just get into the rut of our daily chores and lives.

When we were driving, CT mentioned that when we go back Singapore, he would like to make time to do things and not feel that everything is a chore.. He said he would love to enjoy what he is doing and would like to make time for me and do things alone together as well. I was pleasantly surprised when he said that and I guess that is what everyone should reflect on time and time again because it is very easy to get into the routine and start missing out the important aspects of life like relationships, family, friends etc..

Before we went Outback, CT and I knew what to order already and Pam was surprised. I tried that steak before I loved I ate it again. It is Rockhampton Ribeye Steak..very nice and juicy on the inside, but slightly 'burnt', thus crispy on the outside. Not sure whether the "Outback Steakhouse" in Singapore has this dish.

The steak comes with one side and either a soup or salad. Very filling...I could not finish my mashed potatoes. Pam could not finish her food as well..she left so much salad and steak. CT and I ate so much more than her. :)

During dinner, I was telling her all about the people I met in Mobile and how God has placed them miraculously in our lives and how He has planned everything and put everything in order even before things happen. I told Pam that sometimes, we worry too much and God is trying to tell us to just relax and trust Him for He is in control and has everything planned out already. How awesome our God is.

Went home about 9pm plus. Hugged Pam before we parted and told her that if ever she comes to Singapore, must let me know...In my heart, I know I will meet up with her sooner or later-either on earth or in heaven. *winks*


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