Saturday, January 07, 2006

Last minute shopping

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, January 07, 2006
Today, went out with CT's colleagues for some last minute shopping at a huge factory outlet place about 45 mins-1 hr drive. I love it there as you can get branded stuff at a very good price. We did not shop long as I am not a very good shopper. I usually have a list of what to buy and just go for it. I do not really like to waste my energy and time by walking and just looking. Moreover, the place is quite big, so the more I do not want to walk and just see.

Shopped for only 1 and a half hours, then we went for lunch at Lambert's Cafe: home of throwed rolls. I love this restaurant because of its interesting concept.
Everyone has to order something. No one is allowed to share. Of course you can each order your own food and share but everyone has to order a main dish. The price is reasonable. About US$15 per person for a lot of food. They have free flow of bread rolls, fried okra (lady fingers), fried potato onions, black eyed peas. With all these free flow stuff, you get real full already.

It is very crowded when we were there. The picture above is taken from the internet. So, do not be mistaken that there are no customers. We all sit in booth-like tables and waitresses would come and serve you with all the free flow stuff. One guy would come and shout, "Hot rolls" and then you raise up your hand and he would throw to you. Sometimes, he would throw from one end of the dining area to the othe end. Sometimes, the people are not good in catching and would drop on the chair, table or floor and the guy would throw you another one and another one, till you catch it right! haha.. Cool, right? It is a lot of fun I must say.

The bread roll tossed is fresh and hot. So, when you add the butter they have, it is so so it melts richly and soak into the roll.

I ordered a burger with one side. I could not finish as I was already full before I ate my main dish. CT ordered polish sausage with Kraut (the pickled cabbage). CT's dish did not taste nice as they add the polish sausage mixed with the cabbage. So, his whole dish was very sour.

The restaurant has a very nice mural on its building. Take a look at this huge hand painted wall..

After eating and taking away left overs, we went back Tanger Outlets to Timberland shop as I wanted to buy some stuff for CT's cousin as requested by mum in law. So, we shopped for 30 more mins and then headed back home. We were in the same car as Anthony and Salynn. The other car was Teck Meng, Kok Fong and Kok Siong. So, there were quite a lot of us.

When we went home, it was 430pm already and went to play tennis at 5pm. It was very cold but CT and I were just in our t shirt and shorts as usual. Haha.. Anthony, Teck Meng and Bon played as well but there were 2 courts so 3 played in 1 court while 2 played in the other court. I was paired up with someone all the time.

After playing for an hour, we decided to compete 2 on 2, and 1 person would sit out. The loser team would sit one out and the other person would come in. Had loads of fun as I played quite well and did not get to sit out at all cos I guess the guys were being gentlemen and though the few times that my team lost, they would go out and let me stay in. Ha..

We played until the night grew colder...CT was shivering and we could all blow 'smoke' out. Can you imagine wearing shorts and t shirt in this kind of weather? I think it was less than 10 degrees celcius. My left hand grew stiff and numb from the cold. I could hardly grab the tennis ball. My joints were numb...but we still went on playing cos it was fun.

We played for about 2 hours and then went home for dinner. When I bathed, my left hand felt so hot because it was frozen. Then when I came out of the shower, it was very red...ha. It was stiff the whole time...What a night!


Hebrew_Star on Thursday, January 12, 2006 said...

Shiok - tennis in Winter!! Shiok Shiok la!! :o)

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