Thursday, January 19, 2006

Dinner with the Brenners

Posted by Dawn at Thursday, January 19, 2006
Sarah called me later in the evening and asked me what I was doing for dinner as they would like to have dinner with us before we head back to Singapore. I told her that I have planned to take away fried chicken and eat at home. So, since I sensed how sincere they were in being with us, I invited them over and told them that we could have fried chicken together at my place.

So, Sarah agreed and said she would take away for us. So, I gave her our order and I felt so touched at their hospitality and warmth to spend time with us.

CT came home early today so that we could go to UPS to ship more boxes. I realised I have too many things in my house that I have to ship as there seems to be no space in my luggage. So, we went UPS and then, went to library to return books and cds. I love the library here as you can borrow like 50 over books and music CDs at one shot and you can also rent movies for 1 buck...and the movies are quite updated as well! Somemore, it is free subscription no matter whether you are a citizen or PR or foreigner. How cool is that!

Anyway, tonight we had "Open House" where CT's colleagues came over to our place to get whatever leftover stuff we had. Teck Meng dumped his leftover stuff at our place for them to pickup. So, there were leftover sauces,sugar,salt,oil,laundry detergent,pails etc... Only 2 of his colleagues came to collect and there were still so many stuff left at our place. I was wondering what to do with it. Then, I remembered that Sarah and Robert would be coming, so they can also stuff that they would like. But still, in my mind, I know there will still be leftovers since Robert & Sarah may not take everything.

They came at 7pm with our dinner and we had a great time eating. Robert brought his own dinner as he does not eat chicken for health reasons. He sticks mostly to veggies. So, he was eating a sandwich with ham and lettuce. It then confirms how sincere they are in meeting up with us despite not eating the same food. Sarah had fried chicken with us and she brought along her home made salad. I had a 99 cent spicy chicken fillet burger plus 2 fried chicken pieces. So so good. The juice still overflows out from the chicken.

Robert brought along a whole lot of music Christian CDs for me to bring home. There were about 10 plus CDs.. I then stuffed them in my handcarry bag.During our conversation, Robert was mentioning to us that he was on the phone with Paul Baloche ( a famous Christian musician). I then told him how I loved his music and guitar skills. Paul Baloche is a very good guitarist and has his own guitar learning DVDs.. Then, Robert quickly told me that he has his latest CD in his car. So, Robert quickly went to get the CD for me. When he handed it to me, he told me that I am now the first Singaporean to receive this CD. I was touched and humbled.

We had an enjoyable time chatting and eating. Great wholesome talk. After dinner, we told them to take some stuff back for our 'leftovers' and guess what? They said they would take everything back since we needed to get rid of them. They added on by saying that they know of some refugees from the hurricane that needs it as they can distribute for us. CT then said how God appointed them to come tonight and help us to take all these stuff!

We ended off by taking a picture together and they said that we would always be in their prayers. It is really how awesome that no matter what difference we have in culture, race etc, we are all in the same family, God's family.


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