Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Posted by Dawn at Tuesday, January 03, 2006
I have unexpected visitors today when I was watching TV in the living room. There was a family of cats that came by and were in my balcony. I quickly grabbed my camera and started taking pictures.

The weather has been quite cold lately. So, I ran to my kitchen and poured milk on a bowl and brought it out. When I went out, the cats ran away as they were suspicious of me. I just left the bowl outside and closed my door and looked through my glass window door to see what they would do.

Few minutes later,the mummy cat came and started drinking. Then, communicated to the kittens and they all came to drink. SO cute...

It was as if the mummy cat was testing whether it was safe to drink or not. So loving...

Then while the kittens were drinking, I observed the mummy cat looking out at the surrondings in case of danger. Mummy cat was looking in my glass window door..to see who is inside. Haha..I quickly hid cos I am quite scared of the mummy cat. She has got mean looking eyes.scary.

They finished the milk real fast and after that, some of them were playing with each other..

As I kept snapping pictures of the kittens, one particular kitten noticed and started staring at me..haha..


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