Thursday, January 12, 2006

Farewell lunch

Posted by Dawn at Thursday, January 12, 2006
For the past few days, I have been very busy. It will be a busy week for me as I would be doing a big cookout for Friday's early Chinese New Year Party at my house and I need to not only clean the house, but to pack stuff into boxes for me to ship back to Singapore.

I cooked 2 dishes beforehand as these dishes taste better when left overnight. I prepared braised mushrooms with dried scallops and 'hair' as well as vegetarian dish (mixed veggies with mock stuff, mushrooms and black fungus).

Today, met up with Reeda and Jan for lunch. Reeda initiated it and I brought Salynn along for it to introduce her to Reeda and Jan, as well as to get out of Cabana since she has been at home all day. Reeda came to pick me up while we drove to Salynn's apartment to pick her up. She stays further away from me as hers is a single room it is further away. We went to "Panera Bread" Restaurant for lunch. I ordered salad and soup. Very filling as they provided bread as well.

We had a great time as Reeda showed us pictures of her first time visit to Singapore. Jan was from Singapore and is a Peranakan but has not been back for 9 years already. She married to an American and have it is very expensive for her to fly back.

Salynn is a very easy going and friendly person. So, she fitted in straight away and communicated well with an American accent because her ex bosses are Americans . She works in Chevron, Jurong Island. She reminds me so much as my friend, Esther. (Yes, Esther..if you are reading and her are very very much alike!! Quite spooky!) She is just as bubbly, friendly,easy going, loves bowling etc..Hope to introduce them to each other one day. Haa...

I gave Reeda Prima Taste 'Beef Rendang' as that is one of her favourite food in Singapore. Prima Taste has very good easy-to-make local food like Bak Ku Teh, Laksa, Mee Siam, Chicken Rice, Beef Rendang...It tastes just like the real stuff as they provide all the paste and condiments. For the chicken rice, they even provide the chilli sauce, ginger sauce..etc..So, it is quite neat!

Below is a picture we took before we left...

After lunch, we exchanged hugs for the 'final' time and then Jan fetched us back. I told Jan to drop us at "Dollar General"-just opposite our apartment as I needed to buy plastic forks and spoons for the party. Salynn was sweet to pay for my stuff and then I walked her back to her apartment as she is still new to the surroundings here.

The weather was very nice today. Not too cold and chilly. It was probably low 20s C.

Quite sad that I would not be seeing Jan and Reeda soon (except this coming Sunday in church)..Time really passes so quickly.


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