Sunday, July 15, 2007

Day out

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, July 15, 2007
This morning, after church, went to Hotel Grand Central in Orchard for lunch. I never knew there was such a hotel. Went there to celebrate CT's sis's birthday. It is a very nice dim sum place, called "Zi Yean Grand Central Restaurant." I was surprised by the food it served. I really enjoyed there La Mian. CT ordered the beef brisket dry la mian while I ordered the roast duck la mian with soup. My mum-in-law suggested the place because she came here before and there is 50% promotion till end of July. So a bowl of noodles costs only $2.50! Even if you order the baby abalone, mushroom la mian, it costs only $5.

We also ordered char siew bao, siew mai, scallops, pork ribs, chicken feet,carrot cake, prawn zhu chang fen which was wrapped in bean curd skin stuff inside the zhu chang fen and also ordered dessert. I ordered a bowl of avocado milk cream dessert while CT ordered red bean crispy pancake.
There were 6 of us altogether and it costs us only $80, even though we each ordered a bowl of La Mian and each ordered a dessert.

After lunch, dropped by my mum's place to visit and help my mum out as CT carried my dad down from bed. After that, went back home, had a quick shower and rushed out to AMK hub to watch "Transformers". However, it was all sold out and we bought some stuff and dinner before going back home. We gave Vicky off today because we felt she would be busy once the baby is out. So, gave her off to meet up with her friends first.

Can you guess where I took this picture??

Nope, its not some country in was actually taken in Ang Mo Kio shophouses. Cool right? Never knew they would have such things here in the heartlands.

The weather today is really humid. I took a shower before I left for AMK and a shower when I came back. Vicky came back at the time I told her to-before 7pm. She told me she went to her previous employer's church for service and at the same time, met her previous employer there. They took her out for lunch at East Coast Park. I am glad she got to meet up with them as I am sure Vicky missed them since she had been with the prev employer for about 10 years.

Today, Punggol neighbourhood celebrates Racial Harmony Day. So, the main road in front of my flat is closed for street parades/performances and stalls were set up to give out free food as well as games for kids to play. This was the scene of the road closure at my place as we drove home at about 5 plus pm.

We just had to do a slight detour to get to our carpark.

While driving around Punggol estate, I took this picture of a group of teenagers playing soccer. Punggol has lots of open fields where people play soccer or fly kites. I really enjoy such space...for now.

When we reach home, CT and I were glad we were home. I guess both of us are quite a homely kind of people where the house seems to recharge us, rather than outside. After having our dinner (I had beef jap rice, while CT had tiong bahru porridge) together which we bought in AMK, we watched a movie show together, called "The Illusionist". You can check out my movie reviews at the right hand side column.

Slept only at about 11pm. So tired...

As usual, painpain cos of my pelvic area. Couldnt sleep well...Takes me a long time to turn in bed since the pain is rather excruciating and when I walk around, I can hear the clicking of the pelvic bones..sigh.


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