Friday, May 29, 2009

Active and Strong

Posted by Dawn at Friday, May 29, 2009
Meimei is not one year old yet and she is already zapping energy from me every day. I have this strong, "not-so-looking-forward-to" feeling that she is going to be more energetic and active than Caleb.

Almost 6 months old, she stays awake most of the time.
Here's her daily schedule:

6 am: feeding
6:15: play time, refuses to sleep back, starts rolling and crawling out of the mattress which is placed on the floor. Because she keeps crawling out, I placed her beside me on the bed. Then she starts tossing over me and pulling my hair. Sigh. Thanks to her, I cannot go back to sleep. After much pulling, I get irritated and placed her back in her mattress back on the floor to give my hair some rest and also hopefully, she will fall back asleep. After much struggle, she goes back to sleep at about 7am.

8am: wake up
8:15: bathing time with korkor in bath tub
8:30: play time. Sometimes, go playground with Vicky and korkor
9:30: feeding time
10-12 sleeping time

She then stays awake throughout
1pm: feeding time (usually cereal)

I try to put her to sleep after that, but she keeps smiling and crawling away from her mattress.

At times, she would also stand up as she holds on to the drawer to pull herself up. I give up trying to put her to sleep. So I end up playing with her till about 2 plus 3pm.

One activity which amuses her is when you blow at her hair. She loves that.

Then she wakes up at 5pm, bathes and stays awake till 8pm. She would drink at about 530pm.

Then at 8pm, she would sleep till CT and I turn in for bed. We would then wake her up on purpose to feed her so that she can drink and sleep back till next morning. So we would usually last feed her at about 1030pm which would knock her out till 530am or 6am.

I have no idea how to amuse her as she can stay awake for as long as 2-3 hours straight. But apart from her active lifestyle, she has been a joy to look after. Probably because at the end of it all, she would always smile at me and makes me think that no matter how tired I am, its all worth it seeing them happy.


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