Friday, May 01, 2009

Plane flight to Perth!

Posted by Dawn at Friday, May 01, 2009
Today is THE day that we will be setting off to Perth. Actually, I am much more excited than nervous. So its a good thing.

As for Caleb, I am not sure whether he knows what is happening. But thankfully, he didnt cry when we woke him up at 630am. In fact, he seemed excited too.

My mum came at 7am to drop us at the airport. Vicky and Danielle also went along as they would be putting up at my parents' place. We checked in smoothly and entered the lounge to have breakfast at Burger King as well as for Caleb to roam about and play as we know its a whole new world inside the lounge, catering to people of all ages.

We visited the Butterfly Garden, located at Terminal 3 as its probably the latest attraction. I enjoyed it very much!

Then of course, Caleb was also attracted to the Koi Pond. CT also stopped at a place for a free OSIM foot massage.

Caleb enjoyed watching the plane too.

This is it! Caleb was about to enter the plane..Here goes!

Its a new SIA plane that we took. The carpet, seats, computer screen as well as the console was all new. I was actually quite afraid Caleb would spoil their stuff as he kept pulling down the cup tray and violently pressing the buttons on the console. Well, at least, that kept him occupied.

And here is his trademark smile once again!

As you can see from the pictures below, he seemed like a pro traveller!

And here was his kids meal which CT and I ended up eating. He only enjoyed eating the raisins and drank a bit of the ribena. Oh well.

As we were approaching Perth, Caleb was busy jumping on the seat and playing with the boy behind us who was slightly older than Caleb. Caleb was also playing peek-a-boo with the boy's parents. It was quite amusing to see how comfortable Caleb is with strangers.

After 4 hours plus, we finally reached Perth. The distance was quite alright. I think any longer, Caleb may not be able to take it.

This was the plane we took!

As usual, very excited when the plane lands.

The weather in Perth was very nice as it was in the low 20s. I love cool weather!


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