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Roadtrip to Pemberton

Posted by Dawn at Monday, May 04, 2009
This morning, we set off at about 9 plus am to go shopping! Ha. The shops here open and close early. So, we dropped by at ToysRus, Spotlight and Baby on Budget Shop before going to the Petrol station to fill up our tank for the drive to Pemberton, down south of Perth.

I bought some stuff for Caleb in Spotlight as there was a sale.

At the petrol station, I couldnt resist but buy a beef pie for myself to munch. I am a pie lover. I remember for my 21st birthday party, I specially requested for my church friend to bake me a huge apple pie instead of getting a cake! That is how much I love pies.

But more so for savoury ones, especially the ones where the gravy still oozes out! Those in Singapore hardly have gravy coming out so quite disappointing.

There's Caleb sleeping in the car seat as usual. The car seat seems to be his sleeping pill throughout this journey.

Initially, I planned to go Shoalwaters Marine Park to catch the penguins and seal. However, I think the penguin and seal island is not on the main island. Probably have to take a ferry or something like that, which I didnt want because I wanted to reach Pemberton asap so that I can settle down there and not reach there too late.

So as we drive along the coast, we just simply stopped by one of the beaches to take a look. Who knows, I actually came to this beach- the Shoalwaters Island Marine Park.

I figured the whole stretch was probably the marine park..

Anyway, we just stayed here for a while to let Caleb play with the water and just take a short stroll along the beach.

On our way to Pemberton, CT saw KFC and immediately braked and turned left into the parking lot to have our lunch there. It was quite impromptu. Ha.

Caleb had his lunch in the car already. So he just sat in his high chair and watched us eat.

We offered him french fries, chicken and whipped potato but he rejected all of them. Strange kid.

We only ordered one set meal as I wasnt hungry. I was happy they have the bun as Singapore's KFC doesnt offer the bun anymore. I always love the bun in KFC as I would put the crispy skin inside the bun, with whipped potato and coleslaw. It taste heavenly! CT say, aiyah, bring your own bun when you eat in Singapore KFC lor. Sigh.

Here's Caleb playing with the crayola dough which I bought from Spotlight. 4 bottles of different colour for only $3.

We took the South Western Highway to Pemberton.

On the way, we dropped by at Kirup Town to get their famous homemade pies! Yes, I am such a pie lover that I researched on the net which pie shop is good and there was this person who wrote in the forum that she would always drop by at Kirup Delie to buy trays of pies. If you love pies and will be passing through the South Western Highway, you can drop by at Kirup Town. Its the town after Donnybrook. They even have a sign 500m before to warn you that Kirup Deli is coming up.

I bought 4 pies for our breakfast in Pemberton.

There's our Nissan Tiida rented car.

I noticed most cars in Perth are white. Think I heard it has something to do with the weather.

Though it was about 4 hours plus journey, Caleb didnt fuss at all. The motion of the car was just like a natural bouncer or lullaby for him.

We finally reached our farm cottage close to 4pm. It was in good time as the sun sets at 530pm and we wanted to go supermarketing and to the tourist info centre before that.

We stayed in the Pumphill Farm Cottage in Pemberton. When I first discovered the place through the internet, I knew I MUST stay here as it looked so fun. Even the reviews in Tripadvisor were excellent. More importantly, it was cheap! We paid for only $115 per night for a full kitchen and million dollar view!

The view from our dining cum living area is spectacular as it faces the cows and has nice hills. So peaceful and calming.

We made our way to the Info Centre (only 3 mins from our cottage) after dropping our luggage, went to the Supermarket (only 2 mins from info centre) to get some stuff for our dinners. Then lastly, we made our way to the Karri Forest to climb the gloucester tree which was only 5 mins from the town. Everywhere was so near each other that we could squeeze in all these activities before the sun sets.

The gloucester tree is actually a giant Karri tree and it is the world's tallest fire-lookout tree. It is said in Wikipedia that only 20 percent of visitors climb to the top of the tree; most make it only part of the way before turning back.

However, once we reach the tree, CT, with his slippers, immediately jumped on the ladder and climbed like a spiderman. He did it so fast that I lost sight of him within minutes!

This experience made me come to realise how fearless CT is and I felt so proud of him for climbing all the way to the top, without any safety harness!

Me and Caleb waited quite a while for CT to come back down as the tree was so high and CT was probably enjoying himself up there that he do not want to come down so fast. When he was climbing quite high up the tree, he shouted back down and asked me,"later, how to come down ah?" haha..

There's CT at the top platform enjoying the view

And because he has his camera phone with him, he took some nice pictures. Here's the view from on top! (Its through CT's effort that you can view these pictures enjoy them! :))

Caleb wanted to have a go at it too when he saw daddy up there.

On the way back home after the climb, Caleb was hungry and he kept saying, "Bread bread". So we gave him the bread which we earlier bought from the supermarket.

When we reached home, CT bathed Caleb while I was preparing dinner. I was starving. So even though I bought carrots for tonight's dinner, I didnt add them in because it would take a while for the carrots to soften. So I just cooked something quicker- fried eggs with onions as well as beef slices with celery. And I reheated Caleb's porridge for his dinner.

CT helped to clean up after dinner.

Then, CT started on his firemaking project. He seemed pretty enthusiastic about it as it was his first time. Of course, Caleb was so curious that he just kept staring at the fire. AT least, he was obedient enough to listen to us when we told him not to touch the fireplace.

Here is a nice family shot that we can finally take as I set the camera to timer. Caleb was obediently looking at the camera because the light was flickering as the timer was on. We finally didnt have to force him to look at the camera or sweet talk him.

And there's CT and Caleb enjoying their "Prince of Egypt" cartoon which I brought from Cherie's house. I love this show by the way because of the songs!

Had an early night as we were all tired. All of us squeezed in the Queen Size Bed. How cosy. No choice cos the night was freezing!! (Because we left the windows open without knowing!!Arghhhh)


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