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Up close & personal with the animals

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, May 03, 2009
Today after church, went for lunch at Ipoh Garden Restaurant to try their Ipoh chicken hor fun. CT ordered the soup

while I ordered dry hor fun. Very yummy! Love the huge succulent prawns all peeled out for me.

We also ordered a plate of fried chicken which is one of their popular dishes. But one plate like that costs us about $15 (if I remember correctly).

After a quick lunch, we made our way to Caversham Wildlife Park to see the animals. I wanted Caleb to see the Aussie animals when we were here in Perth and I figured, the Perth Zoo will be similar or not as good as Singapore's. Moreover, I wasnt interested in other animals but only Aussie ones. So this Wildlife Park fits what I wanted.

This place is highly recommended, especially if you have kids. But without them, you will still enjoy as you can get up close with the koalas and kangeroos without having to pay extra money for phototaking. You can take as many shots as you like and pet or feed them as many times you want.

When we first arrived, we were in time for the "Meet the wombat & friends" session. The wombat is like the main attraction in this place as its HUMONGOUS! As we were queueing up to meet the animals, one of the zookeeper came with a spotted quoll. So cute. Never seen such animal before.

Caleb kept stroking its tail.

Caleb was a little cranky as we were queueing up to see the animals and wombat but once he saw the animals, he were excited to touch every one of them.

There was the owl..

the joey (baby kangaroo)..

a blue-tongue lizard

and of course, the famous wombat which weighs 27 kg!

There were lots of animals to see. Like the quokka, which is another native animal

Think Caleb enjoyed playing with the rabbits most as children under 5 years old are allowed to go into the rabbit enclosure to play with them. Here's Caleb interacting with them. Its funny because Caleb kept disturbing the brown one which was sleeping and lying still. Then he said, "Go Go" and started pushing the rabbit so that it can run and not lie down. Check it out!

There was also a farm show where they showed the shearing of sheep skin,

the feeding of the sheeps etc. Very entertaining as they had participation from the audience. I was busy trying to keep Caleb quiet and still by continiously feeding him coco pops.

After the whole show, we could go down to the cow to milk it. CT had a go at it.

Caleb also went to touch the sheep that just had its skin sheared for some lanolin!

Caleb had a really great time going up close with the farm animals.

We get to see Wallaby and Baby Kangaroos too

Also got upclose with the Koalas. Their fur is soft and they look so cuddly.

And there were the carnivorous tasmanian devils which seemed to be begging for food.

Our last stop was the kangaroo enclosure where we had the most fun!

There were so many of them all over and there was endless amount of food to feed them with.

I didnt like to feed the huge looking ones as they would pounce on you to get the food. So I look for the cute ones to feed. Ha.

We stayed at the wildlife park for about 3 hours. We were all so tired already.

On our way home, the sun set and it was nice to be back home. Couldnt wait for dinner as Cherie was cooking for us! Yay!

But as usual, once I reach home, I would always be so busy with unpacking my bag, bathing Caleb and making sure Caleb has food for dinner etc. So its not as if I can chill out once I reach home. It is just so different when travelling with a kid as there is just so many things to think of.

The boys, including Caleb were having some male bonding time at the corner of the house

While Cherie and I were busy cooking (I was cooking porridge for Caleb).

Here's our yummy-licious dinner!

Pan fried herbed lamb chops topped with lemon zest.

Couscous with sun dried tomatoes, basil leaves and mushrooms

As well as a baby spinach, rocket leaf salad with pesto sauce, prosciutto and grape tomatoes.

(Cherie: do let me know if I got the ingredients wrong. I am just guessing based on what I see. Ha. Thanks for such a wonderful meal! I am still drooling when thinking about the food that you cooked.)

And of course, Caleb's porridge

After dinner, while washing the dishes, Caleb just randomly laid on the floor and did some colouring.

Then we all gathered to play "Who wants to be a Millionaire" boardgame.

Had loads of fun and laughter playing that game, though it was an Australian version, as we invented our own rules.

Tonight, had to pack bag for our roadtrip down South tomorrow. Another adventure is awaiting us..woo hoo!


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