Friday, May 15, 2009

Favourite playmate

Posted by Dawn at Friday, May 15, 2009
Caleb always ask for his sister when he wakes up or even during the day or night. When he knows that meimei is awake, he would then run to her bed to play with her. He would also let us know when meimei cries in the room when both me and Vicky cant hear.

So I have to say, Danielle is definitely Caleb's favourite home! When he is out, its a different thing as he would get distracted by other stuff that he may just totally forget about meimei. Ha.

One activity he loves to do is to hold meimei. I used the word, "love" because when I take meimei away from him, he would start crying. He just enjoys hugging and holding her tight. The good thing is that meimei also enjoys korkor's company. She is mesmerised by his words, his expressions and his actions.

Recently at 5 months, meimei has started to crawl a lot! After she wakes up, she would start crawling out of the mattress to half a metre outside it. So when I go to the room to check on her, she might have ended up on the floor, away from her mattress. Now whenever I open my room door, I would always wonder what funny position would meimei end up in- Would she be sleeping soundly with her legs wide open, or with her shirt lifted high up showing her tummy,

would she be sleeping sweetly as she hugs her bolster, would she be stuck in some corner trying to push her way through, would she be crawling on the floor and play hide-and-seek with me? I really dunno..but what I know for sure is that, my heart would pound a little faster each time I open the door to check on her as I would not want her to bang her head on a cupboard or fan.

Here's a video of meimei crawling on my bed to get my spectacles.


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