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Forest adventure

Posted by Dawn at Tuesday, May 05, 2009
This morning, woke up freezing! Caleb seemed fine and cosy probably because he was in the middle of us and his PJs kept him warm.

This is the view from our bedroom.

It was so cold that CT went out of the cottage to 'enjoy'.

Shortly later, Caleb woke up at about 715am and kept wanting to see the animals. So we went to our balcony at the cottage to view the goats and cows.

For breakfast, we had the pies I bought yesterday from Kirup town. We had sausage roll and beef, tomato, cheese pie. So yummy!

It was nice having to enjoy the scenery while eating.

Looking at the scenery and the animals coming up to your cottage makes me think that this trip down here is really worth it.

As the mist disappears slowly and the sun rises, the sheeps came running to our cottage.

They all came together after that as they probably saw us and think we have food for them. Anyway, we got changed quickly and went out to go closer to the animals.

Every morning at 830am, there would be a hayride organised by the farm. Its mainly for the children as they would be involved in feeding the animals. So at about 8am, we made our way to the meeting point as its about 7 mins walk away from our cottage.

On the way, we met up with some of the farm animals.

The sheep recently gave birth to 2 young lambs. Look so cute, especially the spotted one.

Before we went on the tractor, the kids had their go in feeding the donkeys. So Caleb grabbed a slice of carrot and feed it.

Then we went up the tractor for a hayride adventure!

You dont see the sunlight and think the weather is hot. It was actually quite cold! My best guess is that it was about 12 degrees.

In the tractor, we fed the donkeys and cows by throwing down the hay. It was fun as they came up beside us.

When I see the huge cows coming to me, I am thinking of steak! haha. Its like so much steak!! YUMMY!

The view was spectacular

After that, we went down the tractor to feed the goats, ducks and chickens.

And lastly, the farmer invited the kids into the chicken coop to collect freshly laid eggs. I went in with Caleb as he is still young. So he helped the farmer grabbed 2 eggs from the hen and then the farmer asked me to stick my hand underneath the hen to see if there is anymore. I was hesitant at first because I thought the mummy would peck at me for stealing her eggs. But of course, I trusted the farmer. So I stuck my hand in and it felt so nice and warm as I grabbed a couple of eggs underneath. The feathers were also so soft! So enjoyable and felt like I had accomplished something great after that! Ha!

Then, the farmer gave us the 3 freshly laid eggs for our breakfast.

What a fun-filled morning!

After that, we made our way to Beedelup National Park to catch the waterfalls which was about 20 mins from Pemberton.

Slightly disappointing because the waterfalls seemed like trickles of water. The timing was not right as usually, it would have more water as I saw from the poster. Oh well..nevertheless, it was a nice nature walk in the forest.

Caleb sure enjoyed himself walking and playing in the forest.

After that, we drove back to Pemberton town for lunch at Millhouse Cafe.

It was a nice simple lunch. I ordered a roasted beef sandwich with pickles and onions

while CT ordered a fish burger.

We also had a banana milkshake which Caleb drank almost all of it!

If you are on the way to the South, this cafe is actually a nice stop for lunch as it has won some awards and the price is fairly reasonable as well. And if you are feeling rich, do try the marron dish which is their local 'lobster'.

After a nice lunch, we were on our way to the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk. It was close to 2 hours away from Pemberton. You have to pay $8 for adult and of course, Caleb is free. Actually, whatever entrance fee we had to pay, Caleb does not have to pay a single cent! That is probably the perks for bringing along a young child. Ha.

Doing this tree top walk reminds of a similar one which I went to in Tasmania.

During the walk, we happen to see a group of Singaporean families. There was this particular guy who caught my attention because he was very loud and noisy. He and his kid was tailgating me behind (since the walkway is narrow and we can only go single file). He was pushing the pram and it even hit my leg. I was quite irritated by him as he pushed and shouted back at his fellow friends behind about how scared he is so that is why he wants to walk faster. Sigh. So I told CT that the next stop, we stop awhile and let him pass us first.

But who knows? The guy also stopped together with us on the same platform! ARGGHH!! So I quickly told CT, LETS GO! We shall rush further in front of them! Sigh. I was pretty embarassed to admit I was a Singaporean then because of how loud and noisy the group of Singaporeans were. It was like one bunch of suaku (country bumpkin) people.

Anyway, after a while, Caleb wanted to get down to walk. Yup, at his age, he is pretty fearless..

And at CT's AGE, he is pretty fearless too! Ha. (Two extremes in terms of age)

After the tree top walk, there was the ancient empire walk which we saw lots of trees that are few hundred years old. CT commented that he felt as if walking through the story of "Lord of the Rings" where the trees seemed like they were going to come alive!

I totally agreed!

The trees just looked like they were going to gobble us up!

As we needed to reach home before the sun sets, we quickly left the place about 330pm.

On the way back, we turned left too quickly and ended up passing through another town before reaching back Pemberton. I simply followed the sign as it says, to Pemberton, turn left. Well, the signs were right as it still led us back to Pemberton but it was a huge loop. I should have listened to the GPS. Ha. Act smart.

On the way back, the sun set and as usual, Caleb was sleeping the whole journey till we reached our farm cottage.

Cooked dinner tonight again. This time round, I cooked beef fried rice with a plate of fried veggies.Watched "Bugs Life" cartoon tonight. Caleb slept at 9pm while we stayed up to watch a Denzel Washington Movie, "Glory" on DVD before we slept. This time round, we made sure the windows were closed and the fire would last us throughout the night.

Who knows in the middle of the night, I woke up because I was feeling too hot! So got up to open the windows slightly. Ha.


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