Thursday, May 21, 2009

Burger & Fries

Posted by Dawn at Thursday, May 21, 2009
Went to Cold Storage recently to spend my $30 Voucher which I got from Manulife Insurance. I do not usually go to Cold Storage for any of my marketing as the stuff there is more expensive.

Anyway, bought proscuitto, pork burger, basil leaves, salad which already amounted to $30 bucks! Can you believe it??!

So tonight, I finally cooked them. Prepared a pork burger(because Vicky doesnt like to eat beef)

topped with crispy bacon, melted cheese,

sauteed mushrooms and onions with BBQ and Mustard Sauce.

First, I put butter to pan and put the hamburger buns in it to give the crispy and slightly burnt taste which I like.

Then I fry the bacon with very little oil till crispy and set aside. I also saute the mushrooms and onions, seasoned with salt and pepper. Then set aside as well.

After that, I place the meat patties in the frying pan till slightly brown. Then lastly, I add the sauteed mushrooms and onions to the meat patties.

And finally, place a slice of cheese on top and cover the pan. If your pan has no cover, you can always use piece of aluminium foil to put on top of the patty for the cheese to melt.

Then I serve it like this.

Aside from burger, I also made butterhead lettuce salad with tomatoes, proscuitto and light evoo, lemon, basil dressing. Couldnt find baby spinach in Cold Storage. So no choice but to have this.

So this is my simple dinner. (FYI, CT had 2 burgers!)

CT and I both concluded that we preferred beef burger. But nevertheless, it was still an enjoyable meal.


Anonymous said...


can i know how u make the saute mushroom?

Dawn on Saturday, May 30, 2009 said...

Whenever you saute something, you firstly put olive oil or butter and just keep stirring or tossing. So I used olive oil, then I throw in the onions, stir a couple of times till fragrant, then I throw in the thinly sliced mushrooms and stir continuously. Then add salt and black pepper. Thats all to it.

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