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To Freo and Kings Park

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, May 02, 2009
Woke up early this morning as Caleb had his milk at about 6 plus am and didnt want to sleep after that. He was probably excited to start off the day too in a new environment. This was actually our first time that we are sleeping together with Caleb as he has been sleeping with Vicky since birth. So, this trip was a good opportunity for me to bond more with Caleb. Thank God, he did not give me any problems. At night, he just drank his milk and he slept right through till 6:30am. He just whines a little for milk and after giving him, he started playing early in the morning.

Cooked his porridge after waking up.I added chicken, brocolli and carrots to it.

Left the house at about 9 plus am. On the way to Fremantle, he fell asleep in the car. Guess he woke up too early this morning.

There were lots of parking at Fremantle. So there was no problem finding one. However, the rates vary. I parked near the Esplanade Park which costs me only $1.30 per hour. Most places charge $1.50 an hour.

We did lots of walking and walking. The maps were deceiving as the roads looked nearby. Ha. Went to e-shed markets-a place where you can find souvenirs,

fremantle markets

Whenever you go Freo (short form for Fremantle), you can forget about eating at shopping centre or foodcourt. You should always go for their fish and chips there or the seafood platter. There are a couple of good fish and chip restaurants by the waters with lots of sea gulls eyeing your food.

I went to Cicerellos.

I heard Kaili's Fish and Chips is good too. Only ordered a seafood platter as I was not hungry. Moreover, I knew I had to finish Caleb's porridge as he wouldnt finish all.

The fish and prawns are really nice. I enjoyed the lunch as well as the ambience!

After lunch, we dropped by at the playground before heading back to our car. Its a nice kids playground surrounded by tall trees.

But before heading to the playground, we had to cross a railway track. There are lots of railway tracks in Perth. However, this one is right on the pavement where people cross. So its scary. Ha.

Didnt stay too long at the playground as our parking ticket was up. We paid for only 3 hours and time passed so quickly.

After that, we drove to Kings Park to spend the day. As usual, Caleb fell asleep in the car. I am glad he is not one who would fuss when placed in the car seat. In fact, he loves sitting on it.

I was also quite tired. So after directing CT to King's Park, I told him that I wanted to catch some sleep. So we ended up all sleeping in the car after parking the car. After a short nap, we went to the Park where Caleb could roam about freely given the huge space.

There were ducks all over the grass. I just sat on it while watching Caleb run around.

CT was first assigned to take care of Caleb and watch over him. We just didnt want him to run to the pond and start touching the water.

Its a really huge Park and I only covered a small part of it.

There is also a nice lookout point from the Park.

I love the grass as its soft and clean. Moreover the weather is so nice to just lie down on it.

Caleb was super active and we really had to take turns to run after him.

We also went to the DNA Tower to climb up and Caleb single handedly climbed all the way up all by himself one step at a time!

Even I was a little scared from the climb as it was quite high. By the time I reached all the way on top, my legs were like jelly as I was tired. Its amazing how tough Caleb is!

Here are more views of and from King's Park.

Went home at about 4 plus and Caleb straight away went to the foosball table. He loves playing with it!

We had dinner together with Cherie and her boyfriend, Tim. Went to Viet Hoa for dinner. Its a very popular Viet Restaurant in Perth.

The food is quite nice! I tried to enjoy my dinner as much but its quite hard when I have to entertain Caleb and feed him.

In the end, Caleb didnt finish his porridge as usual but he ended up popping raw bean sprouts into his mouth

and sucking lemon slices from my drink! Strange, but true! Even the people from the table near us were amused at this kid.

Had a great day all in all-walking around, having good food and great company!


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