Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mother's Day Event

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, May 09, 2009
Coming back to Singapore makes me once again appreciate how affordable and convenient it is living here. When we touched down close to 10pm, danielle came with my mum and vicky. It was so nice to see Danielle staying awake to see us as if she knew we would be coming back. She was all smiles and jumping!! Yes, away from one week and she has learnt to jump like never before. She would constantly jump on our laps till our arms would ache from carrying her. So, she is just like her korkor-jumpy baby!

Today, brought my mother-in-law to church for a Mother's Day tribute service. The Mediacorp artiste,Jacelyn Tay and her mum came to our church to give their testimonies about how they came to know the Lord.

It was a wonderful and powerful testimony as Jacelyn came from a very staunch Buddhist background. She would go for Buddhist classes, have a Fa Ming (a Dharma name traditionally given by Buddhist Monk) and wear black robes. She was one who depends on luck, so she pray to all gods, in the hope of continually becoming popular and famous.

In Jan 2006, she took part in the Renci Charity Show and was injured. During the time of recovery at home, she actually received a letter from a lady, who is not her fan and is 57 years old. She said in the letter that she dreamt of Jacelyn and in her dream, God revealed to her to pray for Jacelyn.

After that encounter with the strange letter, she consequently met people telling her about God. The father of the chiropractor who treated her was also a retired Bishop in a church and Jacelyn actually challenged him to a series of questions she had to see if he could answer her. In the end, she was convinced by the answers and believe that there must be a God. So she accepted Christ.

Then one day, she wanted to be baptised but her mum, who was still a staunch Buddhist objected strongly. She even asked the Shifu to speak to her. Jacelyn told her mum that if the Shifu could not answer her questions, then she will go ahead to get baptised.

So Jacelyn asked the shifu, " As a Buddhist, I have to work very hard. I have to do good so that I can earn points in my report card, hoping that my next life I may be able to become a Buddha. And then as a Buddha, I have to work some more because I want to go to the world of 'nothingness'-Nirvana. If that is the case, who decides what I have done so wrong to fall into this wheel of reincarnation? What have I done wrong? Who decided my first life? What did I do to come into this world? Where do I come from?"

Shifu answered," From the world of nothingness" Then she went on," But if I come from nothing, which is the ideal state, what wrong did I do to fall into this wheel of reincarnation?"

The shifu could not answer her. So she said, " Everything is meaningless. I came from nothingness and I have to work so hard to go back to the world of nothingness." So in the end, her Shifu couldnt answer her and he told her mum to let her be baptised and be a Christian.

Anyway, finally, after a series of events and time spent with the mother, she also came to accept Christ.

I strongly believe that as long as you have a series of questions about life to ask, you will definitely be answered and eventually, you will realise that the Bible has all the answers.

That was how I came to know the Lord too as when I was in primary school, I kept wondering what will happen when I die and where will I go to. Will I be a bubble or just vanish without a trace and without any knowledge that I have died? I was so frightened that I started crying almost every night in bed. It was all these questions that made me realise that only the Bible has the answers and it is only right and logical to be a Christian as it gives me new meaning and purpose to life.

"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you." (Matthew 7:7)

Anyway, the amazing thing is from this event, many went up to ask Jesus into their lives, including my friend's mum whom I knew personally. My ex-church friend brought her whole family to attend and her mum has always been attending such events in our previous church. But finally today, she decided to give her life to Jesus. It was very touching when I saw her go up to be prayed for by the Pastor. My eyes just welled up in tears as I rejoiced. I think I would just break down and cry if my in-laws and my relatives also come to know the Lord. I would be so happy. And I know my family and all the angels in heaven would be rejoicing as well.

After service, brought my mum-in-law for dinner, together with my sisters-in-law at Changi Village coffeeshop for zhi char. Food was quite nice as we ordered Frog Legs, Steam Fish, Yam Basket, Veggies with mui chai, beancurd, sharkfins melon soup, braised pork belly.

The only downside was Changi Village was so crowded that CT had trouble finding parking lots. CT dropped all of us at the coffeeshop first before finding a parking lot but he only arrived when we all ate finished. And moreover, CT didnt know he left Caleb all alone in the car as Caleb dozed off behind the car in his car seat. So CT had to go all the way back to the car, which was parked in the beach area to 'collect' Caleb. Ha.


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