Friday, May 01, 2009

Touched down in Perth

Posted by Dawn at Friday, May 01, 2009
Stepping out of planes gives me an exciting feeling- excited to be in another country and excited to be back home in Singapore. The smell of Australian air is different. Feels great especially when its sunny and yet, experiencing aircon temperature.

After getting our luggage, we went to collect our rental car at the airport. Rented car from M2000. Its a cheap car rental company recommended by my friends who stay in Australia. However, because it is not one of those popular car rental companies like Avis, Hertz, Budget etc, the car collection was a little confusing. I didnt really know where to go collect the car. When I asked an airport staff about this car rental company, she told me she has never heard before.

Anyway, if you are renting car from this company, you only need to collect the car from the carpark attendant at the booth. He is stationed there for people who forget to pay their carpark tickets before exiting. He is just a third party and doesnt know anything about M2000. His job is just to hand us the documents and car keys. If any problems, we have to call up the car company ourselves.

That was what happened as I ordered a car seat but they didnt give us one or to them, they say they did not receive my car sear order. So we had to drive to the car company to get one for Caleb. I was quite upset as its my first day in Australia and it just got off to a bad start with this car as it didnt go as planned. Also, I didnt expect the car to be so small (1.8 Nissan Tiida). It could only fit one luggage at the back. So we had to put the other luggage and pram in front. Sigh.

Went to Cherie's house first before going to the car company as she had to leave at 415pm to church. So we had to be there by that time so that she can give us the set of keys and instructions. Finding her place at Queens Park wasnt too difficult as it was very near the airport. It was almost like taking one straight road down.

After settling down a little at her place, we made our way to the car rental company. Initially, I thought of upgrading our car to something bigger but we had to pay $40 a day which amounted to a couple of hundred altogether which wasnt worth it. Moreover, it was just me and CT plus Caleb. So we grabbed the car seat and off we went to the supermarket near the house (Supa IGA)!

We did our supermarketing and bought our dinner before heading back. Had instant noodles for dinner. So much for our first night in Perth. Ha. We were just too tired to go out or cook much. So instant noodles was the best option. Moreover, we were still trying to get used to the roads here and the sky turns dark at about 530pm.

So went back to the house, CT bathed Caleb, unpack some stuff and cooked instant noodles. We had Korean instant noodles.

Here's Caleb enjoying himself in the room watching his cartoons!

I love the house as its cosy and so well equipped with practically everything. There is a small library of books, CDs, DVDs, games etc. It's actually Cherie's landlord's house. Her landlord is a Singaporean who goes to Perth every 6 months. So Cherie practically has the whole house to herself. And since the house doesnt belong to Cherie, we still had to pay a small amount just to cover the utilities during our stay there. But still, its cheap!

First night in Perth, I didnt sleep much as I was probably too excited! Caleb was sleeping beside me on the bed while CT had an extra mattress pulled up in front of the bed which he slept there by himself.


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