Monday, May 25, 2009

Admitted to hospital

Posted by Dawn at Monday, May 25, 2009
For the past week or so, my dad has been having fever on and off. Finally one night, his fever went up so high that my mum called for the ambulance to admit him. He was feeling weak.

After being admitted to the hospital, the doctors ran tests on him to find out the cause of his fever. They werent sure and made a few guesses.

Finally, they concluded that his fever might be due to his lump which he had a year back. So they ran a CT scan and discovered there were piles and it might have cause an infection, thus the fever.

During this period of H1N1 flu, it is definitely not a good time to be in hospital. But on the positive side, it is also not too bad to be in hospital now because there are not many patients. Maybe because the hospital has to make sure the beds are not taken up in case of the epidemic or rather, maybe people will think twice before going to hospital.

So tonight when I went to visit him, he was practically all alone in his 4-bedded ward!

As you can, I was using the table on one side, while CT is on the other bed, making use of the chair. We had the whole room to ourselves...

Anyway now, almost everyday, I would go visit my dad in hospital. My mum and their helper (and sometimes, my brother) take turns to take care of my dad as someone has to be with him 24 hours as he has phelgm in his throat and he has no strength to clear by himself. So someone has to be around to assist him to cough out his phlegm, lest he gets choked by it.

During this time, I do wish I could help out more than just sending the helper to hospital and visiting my dad. But then again, I am glad that the faith in my family is strong that my mum and dad reassures me that God is with them and will take care of them. So, I do not have to worry.

Frankly speaking, during these few days that I have been to the hospital seeing my mum and helper, they do not look tired at all. In fact, they even looked more refreshed than me despite them taking care of my dad the whole time. Ha! All I can conclude is, God is definitely taking care of them!


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