Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Ocean adventure

Posted by Dawn at Wednesday, May 06, 2009
This morning, I woke up earlier at about 6am to cook porridge for Caleb as we will be heading back to Perth. Since I had onions, beef slices and carrots left, that was what I added to Caleb's porridge.

Then made breakfast when the boys woke up. Heated up the rest of the 2 pies that I bought - chicken, vegetable pie and a simple beef pie. Also had fresh half-boiled eggs which was just laid yesterday by the hen. So so yummy!!

I felt like I was drinking water as the eggs were so smooth. The texture was so nice. It couldnt get any fresher.

After breakfast, it was time to say bye bye to our farm cottage.

And bye bye to the animals and wonderful scenery which I love every time we are in the cottage.

We were heading to Greens Pool at Williams Bay, just before Denmark Town. I research in the internet about this place and the waters look so nice. So since I was on the way to Albany, I thought it would be good to drop by.

If you like nice, clear waters, this is one place you can visit.

The waters are really crystal clear.

There's Caleb playing with the sand.

I really wonder if Caleb can appreciate how beautiful the water is.

Then as usual, CT would start adventuring upwards by climbing rocks and here are his pictures from on top.

As Caleb was starting to play with the sand and dirty his clothes, I decided to change him into his swimming shorts.

We had a really great time except that the sun was shining too much on us.

After that, we made our way to Torndirrup National Park, Albany to see the natural bridge.

Here's my little prince posing for a shot when we reached.

It was scary as we stood near the cliff, watching the waves hit the rocks.

But it was even more scarier watching CT carry Caleb right at the edge of it!! Arghhhh

During this trip, I definitely realised a different and better side of CT- his adventurous side.

Here is what I meant by that.

Yep, he was actually standing right in the middle of the natural bridge, where most people would just watch it at a far distant. I was actually thinking to myself that CT is nuts! But on the other hand, I feel so proud of him when bystanders see the natural bridge at a distant and then a small figure pops up and goes right in the centre of it and it made me want to shout to everyone that THAT is my husband right there! Ha.

The view is nice and breathtaking.

From here, we made our way back to Perth via the Albany Highway. We left the place at 1:30pm. On the way, Caleb had his bread as a snack. He loved bread, biscuits and fruits.

While I was blogging on my netbook. Ha.

We stopped by for short breaks to the supermarket as well as to petrol station. CT also decided to clean his car. Oh comments

On the way back, the sun was setting.

It was a 4 hours plus drive back and I was glad to reach back at Cherie's house before 6pm.

After bathing Caleb, we went out together for our last dinner in Perth. Cherie meant to bring us to Oyster Bar Restaurant for their 1/2 priced raw oysters (which we all were craving for) and then to Spaghi Italian Restaurant for the main course. However, we went there and found out that Oyster Bar had closed down. IT was taken over by another restaurant. So sad but what to do? haha. So we went straight to have our Italian dinner.

The food was fabulous. I have been thinking of it since then. Eating at Spaghi made me fall in love with Italian food!

We ordered Chilli Mussels which was finger and bowl licking good as we slurped up the chilli gravy (which we treated as soup)!

Also had a prosciutto pizza. I love pizzas that are not too complicated with many ingredients. So I really enjoyed this pizza! Drool.

The place is quite crowded. So do go there early or go there on a weekday.

We also had squid ink pasta. The noodles was very al dente which I loved. However taste-wise, to be honest, it tasted like fried mee goreng.

After that, we had a nice stroll at the harbour to view the night lights of Perth City.

Cherie and I also took a ride on the playground swing like young children!

Had a really satisfying dinner!


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